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Moitrayee Bhattacharyya, PhD

Principle Investigator


Dr. Bhattacharyya received her Ph.D. in Computational Biophysics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore where she used molecular dynamics simulations and graph theory to study allosteric communication in protein complexes. She made a transition into experimental biology during her postdoctoral studies at the University of California Berkeley. Here, she used structural biology and single-molecule microscopy to study the molecular mechanism of regulation in a calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase that is critical for learning and memory. She started her lab at Yale University in the summer of 2020. Her focus is on understanding the molecular mechanism of signaling using an integrative approach.




Shailesh Kumar

Associate Research Scientist


Dr. Kumar received his Ph.D. from the CSIR-IMTECH, India. He worked on redox regulation of glutathione biosynthesis and degradation using yeast as a model system. He then moved to the NIH-NIDDK to study chaperone-mediated stress response and protein degradation. Currently, his research focuses on understanding the regulation of Trk-family receptor tyrosine kinases and LRRK2, a kinase implicated in Parkinson’s disease etiology. In his spare time, he loves cooking and exploring nature.


Anushka Halder

Post Graduate Research Associate


Trained as a social anthropologist, Anushka’s passion for science led her to the Yale School of Medicine where she has followed the lesser known narrative of the chemical interplay between membrane proteins and lipids, and how this regulates our cellular physiology. She has worked on the development of a novel mass spectrometry based investigative platform for studying lipids and aims to use this platform to address pertinent biological questions in the Bhattacharyya lab.  She also strives to keep up her reputation as crazy plant lady and can often be found taking a hike in her natural habitat.


Anthony Quinnert

Post Graduate Research Associate

Anthony graduated from UC Berkeley Bioengineering in the Class of 2020. He specializes in MEMS technology, fabrication, and imaging. His current interests are to develop new tools and techniques to study cellular signaling heterogeneity. Anthony loves teaching and mentoring others in the lab whilst learning new skills and improving standard protocols. 

Gerard Walker

Gerard Walker

PhD Student

Gerard studied biology and biochemistry at Villanova University and conducted a post-baccalaureate fellowship at the NIH, where he studied protein and membrane trafficking events at the cellular level. Gerard now seeks to explore the molecular mechanism of the regulation of small GTPases at the membrane and their role in oncogenic signaling. Gerard is developing and using new technologies to answer these questions, hoping to decipher how the oily environment of the plasma membrane alters protein behavior. When he isn't in the lab, Gerard can be found trail running and fishing.

Rachel McAllister

Rachel McAllister

PhD Student

Rachel graduated with a bachelor’s in biochemistry from UCLA in 2020 and became a graduate student at Yale. In her undergrad lab, she worked on the mechanism of sortase, a bacterial pilin polymerase. Current projects include a joint mentorship between Dr. Bhattacharyya and Dr. Gupta to investigate the oligomerization of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BtK) on the membrane and optimize structural and functional assays in the context of the native membrane. Her free time is spent reading, playing tennis, or hiking around New Haven.


Vanessa Cheng

Summer Research Fellow

Vanessa is a first-year and proud Pierson Knight of Yale College. She is currently on the premed track with the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major in mind. Neuroscience is the perfect convergence between her desire to help others and her love of the puzzle that is the human brain. She is excited to work in the Bhattacharyya Lab to study regulation of Trk-family receptor tyrosine kinases. When she is not buried in psets, Vanessa is deeply fond of overthinking movie plots, consuming pineapple pizza, and playing Nintendo music on her violin at random hours of the night.

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Dilge Buksur

Summer Research Fellow

Dilge is a freshman at Yale College planning to major in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology and Economics. She has been involved in pharmaceutical research at various university laboratories, mainly specializing in using data science methods for drug discovery purposes. She strives to expand scientific knowledge on understanding cell-to-cell signaling heterogeneity by combining microfluidic design with imaging techniques. In her free time she loves to watch classic movies, go on long walks, and try local food places.

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